Equipment RFQ

The Equipment RFQ is now closed.

In this RFQ, K12HSN was soliciting, on behalf of its constituent school districts, responses from qualified Bidders for:

  • Acquisition of Cisco network equipment that qualifies under the Cisco Strategic Relationship Deal ID 14158410;
  • Delivery of professional services for network consultation, installation, and configuration at the proposed school sites.
  • Acquisition of equipment maintenance, purchased upfront for 3 and 5 year terms.

Responses had to be received in electronic format via email at by end of business day on Friday, May 22nd, 2015.

Please see the complete RFQ below for complete details.

Equipment RFQ FAQ:

Questions and Answers related to the California K-12 High Speed Network Request for Quote

1)    Can our response include pricing for other Cisco hardware not required in the RFQ but that might be requested by one of the listed schools? (e.g., upgrading their switches, firewalls or wireless access points etc.)?
Yes, a response can include additional hardware required to establish their improved connection. Columns M & N of Appendix A provide information on current equipment and additional equipment required as reported by the school site and should provide potential bidders with a sense of equipment needed. Final list of equipment per site will be determined after site readiness has been completed and evaluated. Because each site is unique in terms of equipment needed, configurations and network design, a final scope of work will be developed once the service provider(s) is (are) chosen. The site readiness survey information provides input on what equipment and supporting infrastructure will be needed to accommodate the enhanced connection. In addition, school sites are receiving upgraded connections from multiple vendors and we have yet to determine physical hand-off of circuits. For the purposes of responding to this RFQ, we are asking for the level of discount on equipment offered, the rate at which professional services can be delivered, and the cost for maintenance on equipment, and not a detailed scope of work per site.

2)    Because the RFQ states that the contract will last until December 2016, are schools not listed in the spreadsheet allowed to purchase from the awarded contract until the December 2016 expiration?
No, the scope is only for the schools participating in the Broadband Infrastructure Improvement Grant. There are a low number of schools that were originally “no bid” locations and for which bids were accepted later. These will be included and may not be listed in the spreadsheet, however schools that were not part of the original application process will not be allowed to purchase from the awarded contract. A few schools have not been listed because they are co-located with school sites receiving an improved connection and may require equipment to extend the connection. These irregular cases will be dealt with during the contract negotiations with the selected provider(s).

3)    Will K12HSN be providing site readiness information for each of the schools?
a.       If yes, the local site contact at each school?
b.      From the District IT?
c.       If not, will we need to walk each site to make sure we have everything ready for deployment (rack space, A/C, power, etc.)?

K12HSN is in the process of completing a site readiness survey that collects information related to each site. This includes site contacts, equipment location, current needs to house the equipment (electrical, racks, space, etc.), current equipment (topology, configurations, etc.). This information will be provided to awarded service provider and service provider will determine if additional data is needed.

4)    Could you please provide the “site connectivity requirements”?
The requirements are basic, which include adequate space to house the equipment (rack or cabinet), access to the telecommunications provider’s main point of entry and dedicated electrical outlet (110V, 20 AMP).

5)    Could you please provide the “CENIC” configuration requirements?
Configure Cisco CPE network device with pre-compiled Cisco IOS configuration template. This configuration template would include the device hostname, IP address/subnet mask, default gateway and a temporary username/password.

6)      Does each school follow a district standard configuration for each school?
a.       Or, or is it up to the local admin responsible for each school?  
b.      It sounds like the district dictates the core routers out to the WAN, but what about LAN, etc.?

Each school has a different network configuration. K12HSN, CENIC, School District and County Office personnel will coordinate the details of each site’s configuration.

7)      What type of carrier network do you have today?  (MPLS, etc.)?
a.       What kind of new circuits are you putting in (SIP, etc.)?

See response to question 1.

8)      Please clearly define which services are in scope for this RFQ.
See response to question 1.

9)     Which services are considered “optional” for this RFQ?
The purpose of the grant is to improve the last mile connection for the participating schools. More specifically, the purpose of this RFQ is to secure the equipment, maintenance and professional services to install and configure the new improved connection. Any services that deviate from this purpose are considered optional.

10)      Scope of work section 1 Item C. states:
iv. Other supplied equipment shall be installed in existing racks supplied by site.

Equipment to be installed typically includes items listed in items a) through d):

a.       Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
If UPS already exists at site, will additional electrical work be required for power-on/turn up service?

If the existing UPS can handle the load of the new equipment, no additional work or equipment will be required.

b.      Appropriate power cables
Does this item refer to the installation of electrical circuits and outlets?

No this refers to the power cables to connect the equipment to the UPS and the UPS to the electrical outlets.

c.       Appropriate communications cables
Does this item refer to the installation of structured cabling for data cabling and termination?

No this refers to the cables to interconnect equipment such as copper and fiber patch cords.

d. 2 post – 19” telecommunications rack or wall mount cabinet

11)      Scope of work section 1, Item D states: “Install and configure site-specific equipment per site’s connectivity requirements for both A and Z locations.”
a.       Please define any potential equipment for location Z.

A Readiness survey for the Z locations is being conducted. Service providers may assume that a router or switch may be required to accommodate the connection. In some cases the Z locations may only require optics or no equipment.

12)   What is the desired length of the cables?
This will vary depending on needs of each site.

13)   Who is responsible for purchasing the racks?
a.       The school?
b.      The selected vendor?

If the school has an existing rack with available space, the plan is to use the existing rack. If the site does not have a rack, we will require the service provider to install one. Appendix A provides a list of sites that will require a rack.

14)   The RFQ states: “Cost estimates per site based on the information provided (subject to adjustments). If no information is provided, bidder may assume that the site at a minimum will require a router and a UPS. If no additional equipment is required, bidder may assume that professional services are required.”
a.    Please define “professional services” if there is no equipment required.

   The school may require a router and UPS or may already have a router and UPS available for use with the new improved circuit. In both cases “professional services” refers to all steps necessary to make the new or existing equipment functional when connected to the new improved circuit. “Professional services” includes, but is not limited to, installation of new equipment, configuration of new or existing equipment, and installing connections between units.
15)   Will the UPS be required to protect equipment other than the bidder supplied router?
a.       If yes, please provide:
                    i.      a list of the required equipment, and
                    ii.      desired minimum runtime in order to properly size the UPS

This maybe the case in a few locations. K12HSN would consider a UPS with 25% of excess capacity to accommodate other equipment at the site.

16)   Will the UPSs be required to include network management cards?
    Network management cards are not required but may be offered as part optional services.

17)   Will the sites require a PDU?
a.       Rackmount?
b.      Vertical mount power distribution unit?

If not already in place, a power distribution unit will be required. Whether a rackmount (horizontal) or a vertical mount power distribution unit is better suited for the site will depend on what is already in place. K12HSN has requested photographs of installation areas or closets from the sites and the awarded vendor(s) will have the opportunity to determine which sites will require which type, and procure suitable options for the awarded sites.

18)   Is there a minimum desired runtime on the provided UPS?
30 minutes is the minimum desired run time.

19)   Could we please get a list of the proposed circuit type and speeds for each site location?
Yes that information can be produced. For the most part, most sites will receive a 1,000 Mbps Ethernet circuit and a few will receive 100 Mbps connections.

20)   If the circuit type and speeds are not yet available, is there a minimum port speed/throughput desired on the WAN connected Ethernet interface of the new site routers?
See answer to question 19. The minimum throughput should be 1,000 Mbps.

21)   Wireless is not listed as a requirement in the RFQ but is mentioned in the Appendix A as existing at some sites.
a.  Will there still be a requirement to provide wireless access at these sites?
b.  If yes, will a site survey need to be performed?
          i.  Would K12HSN like vendors to provide a budgetary cost to perform a site survey?
          ii.  If yes, what is the estimated square footage for each site?
c. How much of the site needs wireless coverage?

Wireless deployments are not the intended use of grant funds. At the vendor’s discretion wireless may be quoted as optional services in the RFQ response.